Knowing yourself is the source for Personal Leadership

Knowing yourself is the source for Personal Leadership

How does a person begin to know him or herself; especially when they believe they already know and understand themselves.

Within the LMI, Effective Personal Leadership program, we explore ourselves layer by layer, like pealing an onion.  We begin with identifying your top 8 values. For example, Fairness, Trust, Service, Loyalty, Recognition, Health, Happiness, Respect, etc. Then we narrow it down to your 4 top values. (It is more difficult than you realize). Just because you cross off 4 values to bring it down to your 4 main values doesn’t mean the others are not an important part of you. Not the case! You are allowing yourself to get to the core of who you are and what makes you unique.

Have you thought about what makes you happy, what sets you off, what makes you anxious or sad? All of this helps make up our emotional intelligence, or otherwise known as EQ.  In short EQ is the ability to perceive, understand and manage emotions, It is said that some of the best leaders are masters of emotions, particularly their own. Have you ever been in the position to take on someone’s mood (good or bad)? I know I have and not always a good mood. For example, I could have had an explosive discussion with one of my children and when having a conversation with another of my children I may take my frustrations out on them. I quickly remind myself to get my emotions in check or to place my frustration where it belongs. You see, it is important to remember when emotions run high, intelligence goes down. When this happens people tend to say whatever comes to their mind, which unfortunaltey is based on their emotions, not their brain.  Do you remember the time back in 2005 when Tom Cruz jumped on Oprah’s couch during an interview on her show. He was full of excitement and love for his then girlfriend, now ex wife, Katie Holmes. The media had quite a time with this and Tom was deemed to have lost his mind, which ultimately damaged his image and his hireability.  This is an example, however extreme, in demonstrating the importance of being self aware by having control on your emotions.

We are who we are, is a common phrase. I believe we can add on to it with continuous personal development. Be proud of who you are and what you bring to the conversation. You are unique, like a rare gem, and with that comes responsibility to be the best YOU, for all those in your life and the ones who haven’t met you yet.

Stay authentic and keep smiling!

Smiles Tina

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