Do you know your Potential for Personal Leadership?

Do you know your Potential for Personal Leadership?

In preparation for one of my Effective Personal Leadership (EPL) for Women Programs, I like to review each chapter in advance. This LMI program is not gender specific, so when you have a group that includes only women, the discussions can get deeply personal and unleash emotions that are normally kept close to the heart.

Why does this happen? My thoughts and experience (being a woman) suggest many women have not allowed themselves to believe they have the potential within themselves. We have all been given the desire to achieve goals, to have dreams and find purpose in life. As we live our lives we gain experience, encounter obstacles and even heartache. This allows us to grow, to stretch our mind and body that can unleash the potential within us. And for this to happen, a person must first believe they have the potential within them.

What I have witnessed is many women have lost who they are deep inside. Let me be clear, that this feeling is certainly not gender specific. If a person doesn’t know him/herself, then how can they develop their personal leadership? Do you see how this can make sense?

In Chapter 1, I have highlighted, “ Lack of self-awareness, poor self-image, and self-imposed limitations through conditioning are considered primary reasons so few people believe in their potential, ultimately resulting in stifled personal growth and development.”

Are you familiar with the saying that a person normally uses a very small percentage of their God-given (talent) potential? I am not surprised, are you?

Let’s explore this a little deeper. SUCCESS! As defined by LMI, “Success is the progressive realization of worthwhile predetermined personal goals.”   Success must be connected to you and your core values. Who are you? What do you stand for? What is right or wrong to you, not your best friend, your spouse, your parent or your child, YOU? If you look for your success in others you will continually be searching without achieving or feeling fulfilled. You won’t win when you compare someone else’s success to your perceived weaknesses/areas of opportunity.

My parting thought is to invest time in getting to know YOU. Ask yourself the tough questions, while not fearing your answers. Go ahead and peel back your layers, as you would an onion, and get to know the real you. Then make it your mission to share it with the rest of the world. You deserve it, as do we.

Unsure of what questions to ask yourself? Stay tuned, as we will explore this in our next blog post.

For now, stay positive, authentic and keep smiling.

Smiles Tina

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