Is your employee ready for leadership?

Is your employee ready for leadership?

I truly believe businesses big and small unintentionally set up their leaders to fail. I understand that this can come across as harsh.  But I have lost count on the number of times I have heard stories about a person who was exceptional in his/her job so they were promoted to Manager/Supervisor when the position opened up.

Have we lost sight that technical skills do not translate to leadership skills?  I understand the concept of promoting from within.  I also understand that the individual you are promoting could be that leader.  But, how are they supported?  As a leader in your own right, have you identified the competencies they possess for leadership?  Do you have the tools and budget in place to support them in their development?

Here are a few areas to watch for in your top performer, before moving them into that leadership position:

  • Decisive: Can they make decisions and stick to them?  Are they people pleasers to the extent that if someone questions a decision they could change their mind? Indecisiveness is a red flag!
  • Self Confidence: Do they know how to set goals?     Better yet, do they set goals?   Are they comfortable with challenges? Posture, Attitude and Eye Contact?
  • Communicator: Do they know how to listen with empathy?   Listening with their mind not just their ears.   Do they understand the various layers of communication? Body language, tone, facial expressions and engagement.
  • Character: Is there personal brand aligned with your business brand? Are they true to their word? Do they follow through, or over promise and under deliver?

Leadership is a position that is looked to for support, guidance, mentorship and direction. Having the wrong person in a leadership role can potentially derail a team, a company, and as we are watching our neighbours, a country. It takes so much more work and investment to build a strong team, compared to little time to break it down.

Your time and due diligence will pay off in the end.

Until next time,

Stay Authentic and Keep Smiling!


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